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– Stained lights with light bulbs in sight. It is undoubtedly the trend that has grown more in recent seasons. The lights have always created magical environments but now the little flashes have given way to genuine light bulbs that are visible and that give this touch of tendency. The photos are also spectacular in this environment.

– boho weddings. This is one of those trends that have been seen for some time now but still remains. It started with the wedding dresses and it was extended to every element of the decoration, from the tables to the photocall or the beverages as say barcelona wedding venues

– Food Trucks. The classic caravans with food of different kinds are seen increasingly in more weddings. For the appetizer, the party later or even for the banquet itself. It depends on the type of wedding, but they will always have room. Think of a good idea at high hours in the morning with hamburgers in one of these mobile jewelry.

– Instantaneous cameras. They are the best option for the guests to take a memory in the form of a photo and to be able to compose the signature album with their own images made at the moment. Place these Polaroid-style cameras at the tables or at a certain point in the celebration and you will see that success is assured.

– Minimalism has already passed. It has been definitely behind that time of ‘less is more’. Now it just prevails the opposite, more will always be more. Decorated decoration, details in each corner, flower centers with lots of species and improved with candles, fruits or mirrors. Virtually everything is worth.

– Chic industrial style. Large industrial warehouses and warehouses can be the perfect setting with good cleaning, a considerable load of light bulbs and well-decorated tables. Of course, you must take care of all the details so that the industrial style is also chic and do not be cold.

– Braids, always braids. Just like you are a romantic, rock, boho, sensual or classic girlfriend, because there are braids for all tastes. It is without a doubt one of those tendencies that last.

– Metallized and glitter. The glitters return to the suits and accessories, especially to the bridal shoes that this season will be covered with jewelry, metallic or shiny details everywhere.

– Decoration suspended. In that trend of ‘more is more’, the suspended decoration arrives, even on top of the tables. Plant centers and garlands hanging from the ceiling, candles or any other element, will create such a romantic atmosphere that will take a little more. This is for weddings and any kind of special celebration.

– Drink positions before the ceremony. If you plan on making an outdoor ceremony, this will be the detail that will make the difference. Install some cool drinks stalls (and decorate them nicely) to make the wait of the guests more enjoyable.

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