Trendind wedding 2018

At the end of January, the first month of the year is over, where you can see what the wedding trends will be for the rest of 2018. In this sense, although there are timeless aspects of any wedding that never go out of fashion, they are many that will be abandoned while recovering others that had been left out in recent years. In our article today we review some trends that, according to experts from around the world, we can see this year. Go for it as say corporate event venue barcelona

Smallest Weddings
A few years ago the success of a wedding depended almost directly on the number of guests he had, but today it is no longer like this: getting closer and closer to the closest friends and family, added to an attempt to cheapen a celebration that does not always result economic, more and more couples decide to reduce their list of guests to carry out smaller weddings, but much more significant.


Back inside
During the last three or four years outdoor weddings were gaining strength to become an absolute boom but, like all fashions, this will also begin to lose strength throughout this year. Quiet, we are not saying that outdoor weddings will be out of fashion, but simply be equated with indoor weddings, allowing you to choose the “format” that you like without having to think about whether or not it is over fashion.


Dark blue
Talking about dark blue as a new trend is almost ridiculous, but if we do it is because it is expected that this is the quintessential color for the costumes of the groom and the guests of the weddings this year. So say goodbye (or, at least, at least) to black, because this year blue will be the star!

Trends in wedding 2018

Specialized bars
Since the explosion of gin and tonic a few years ago and with it, the birth of bars specializing in cocktails throughout the country, the importance of having a good drink at a wedding has become a key factor, so the specialized bars have been charging more and more force. What are specialized bars? They are private services that are contracted only to offer a specialized cocktail service that is served in parallel with the bar service that you have contracted with the place where you celebrate your wedding. A guaranteed success for those who like to enjoy a well prepared glass.


Tables not combined
In the decorative aspect one of the trends that has been very present throughout 2017 and that will end up exploding this year are the non-combined tables: designs of tables in which the dishes, for example, do not have the same design but which are different. This not only gives the decoration an extremely attractive variety, but it breaks with the chromatic and design monotony that a wedding table can often have.

Tables not combined

The rebirth of formal weddings
Throughout the last few years informal weddings have been gaining more and more followers, as they were presented as something that broke with the established canons of formal weddings. But the growth of this type of wedding was such that nowadays more and more couples are thinking of returning to a formal wedding as a way of being original. This is how it always works: if you want to do something original, do something opposite to what everyone else does, even if that leads you to do what you would have opposed before;)


Silver and chrome
Returning to the aspect of decoration, another trend (there is never only one) that is expected very present this year will be the decoration in silver and chrome colors. Linked to a glam aesthetic, these colors have been making their way to other styles until they reach the position in which they are today, in which they adapt perfectly to almost any type of decoration.


The wedding cakes are also back!
With the return of formal weddings other things are also very related to this type of celebrations, such as wedding cakes. Over the past few years, more and more couples have left aside the idea of ​​having a wedding cake as something a little outdated and outdated, but luckily pastry chefs around the world gave it a twist to these cakes to get super cool, innovative and attractive designs that have made couples recover the desire to have a wedding cake in their celebration. So you know, choose the taste, the design and eat!

If traditional designs are not your thing, “naked cakes” are the latest fashion in wedding cakes! (Image of Tanya Hart)