Tips to organize a perfect wedding.

Has your partner asked you to marry him / her for Valentine’s Day? Sure it was a moment of the most special and emotional, but after the excitement over the news comes the big question:

And now that?
Where do you start to prepare the wedding?
What steps should I follow?

If these and other doubts invade you, do not worry. Carmen Fernández, wedding planner Something Blue, specialist in making customized weddings and totally personalized, talk to us and bring us the guidelines and tips to start organizing your perfect wedding.

Tips to organize the wedding

“Make a tentative list of guests,” says Something Blue, “and think about where, when and how you would like to celebrate the wedding (date, place … morning wedding, afternoon wedding …). If you want it to be this year you will have to get down to work to find the space available for the day you want. If the idea is to do it for next year, search for the place you can take it more calmly. ”

And be careful, because if you want to get married in the Church it is important to book the date in advance in the same parish. Something that is also extrapolated if the wedding you plan to celebrate in the summer months … Like most brides of Spain!

Tips to organize the wedding

– Second step: How do you imagine the wedding?

An intimate wedding, perhaps of vintage or industrial style; on the beach at sunset or in the village of all life; Maybe a classic wedding or breaking all protocol marking you a picnic type wedding. Surely you have spoken a thousand times before, but now it is time to think, really, how you imagine your wedding.

“Defining the wedding style you would like to have,” says the wedding planner Something Blue, “is a very important exercise in choosing the venue for the celebration. If it is true that with a well-worked decorative design you can get any environment in almost any venue, the fact that this has or not open spaces is something that is decisive; as well as the capacity of each one of the zones of celebration (cocktail, banquet, dance, etc.) ”

Tips to organize the wedding

– Third step: We have date and place, now what?

All right! You already have the most important thing closed: date, place and list of guests. Now it’s time to look for suppliers that will help you shape your wedding and “select the companies that will take care of you to have the best possible memory of your great day”. For them Something Blue recommends continuing with the choice of the photographer and videographer of the wedding. And, in the case of the bride “this should prioritize the search for her wedding dress.”

From the zero minute, after the request of hand, you can hire a wedding planner to help you with all the preparations, or you can choose at any time for specific services (whether in organization, coordination or decoration). As Something Blue adds: “We offer our boyfriends experience, knowledge of the sector, know-how in the selection of suppliers, good taste and creativity. A guide during the months of preparation, tranquility before and during the wedding and serenity in the performance of our work, since for you it is a very important day of your life “.

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