The meaning of marriage colors

The meaning of marriage colors

Choosing the color of your marriage will allow you to define harmonies and create a magical atmosphere. Discover its meaning and decide on the one that fits your type of ceremony and personality.

Elizabeth Carvajal & Alejo Mejía

In recent seasons we have seen how the color palette used in weddings has expanded to allow even dark tones that once seemed censored. The couple more and more opt for those tones close to their tastes, which reflect their temperament and that definitely convey the sensations with which they wish to involve family and friends. The colors are not only present in the marriage decoration, they are also important when giving life to the banquet, choosing the nuance of the party dresses for the bridesmaids or that perfect accessory to complement the bridal hairstyle. Discover with us the psychology of colors, the meaning with which we traditionally associate it and its influence on the mood so that you find the perfect color for your day B.



Obviously it is the flagship color of marriages and the first that comes to mind when thinking about the 2018 wedding dress. Culturally we associate it with innocence, purity and candor. It transmits a feeling of tranquility and balance, so that it will achieve an environment of well-being. You can use it as a base for the decoration, tinting with one or two pastel shades like rosewood or lilac, deciding on a contrast with blue, green or purple or giving it a very modern touch using shiny, silver or gold.



Being a cold color, just like white, it transmits tranquility and passivity. It is a color with a deep meaning of fidelity and commitment, perfect for the new life that begins with the exchange of wedding rings. Its countless shades from the darkest perfect for formal weddings, to stockings that fit bohemian and nostalgic celebrations. Allows it to be used on large items such as tablecloths, or decorative fabrics for ceilings, even in small details such as flower buds for weddings or ribbons of the bride’s bouquet. And you, remember that for good luck in your trousseau you should not miss something blue or in your future husband.



Ideal for the couple who will celebrate an outdoor marriage, much more if they are going to do it during the day. Green is the color of nature, hope and spontaneity and having it on an open stage, nothing better than setting the mood out of the enormous range available. You can use it to highlight elements of the decoration such as centerpieces for weddings or even accessories of the wedding dress. For transmitting vitality and joy it will be the perfect ally to fill the air with a festive atmosphere.



Passion, energy and vitality are the sensations that this color undoubtedly transmits. Not in vain Eastern cultures and feng shui use it as a magnet for prosperity and good fortune. For being such a striking tone, the ideal is to use it as a complementary color combined with white and some shades of gold and use it to highlight what you really do not want to go unnoticed.



It is a delicate color, soft, relaxing and harmonizing. It is one of the favorite to decorate, as it fills the rooms with pure romance. Ideal to combine with white, purple, even with metallic ones such as gray or bronze. It can be present in the trousseau like the wedding dress, the one of the bridesmaids or the shoes, in the boutonnier of the groom, in the wrappings for the wedding souvenirs or in the hanging decorations as ribbons tied with vases with plants and flowers .


Yellow and orange

They are warm and bright colors that will create a cheerful atmosphere and fill all your guests with vitality. Our indigenous ancestors associated it with transformation and spiritual wealth. As with red, these colors should be used to emphasize special elements such as the altar, the main table or the bride’s bouquet. They are ideal for rural marriages because they will achieve a fantastic harmony with the green of the natural scenery.



More Than 1000 Words

It is the color of 2018. It is also a special tone for couples who love glamor and with an inclination for traditional ceremonies, because it has a profound liturgical meaning. According to psychology, this color enhances spirituality and manages to create a magical and transformative atmosphere in the wedding. It combines marvelously with white in both its faint and lilac ranges, perfect for daytime weddings, as in its dark tone, complemented by golden glitters will be perfect for the night.


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