The Latest in Weddings 2018

The Latest in Weddings 2018 Trends, Colors and Decoration of Madness!


If you get married next year, you can not stop seeing the latest in 2018 weddings. This year brings us trends, decoration and colors that are crazy. Enjoy them!

Do you want to know about the latest wedding 2018? We bring you a summary of the top trends in colors, fashion, decoration and details for the wedding parties of the coming year. And if you thought that this year’s trends were fabulous, when you see the new for 2018 weddings, you’re going to love it already!(

If you are an assiduous reader of our blog, you know that we are always attentive to the new thing in weddings and we reveal the trends as we discover them. That is, some of these issues have already been covered in past articles. But today we officially launched our list of the latest in 2018 weddings. Take note because they are all crazy!

The Latest in Weddings 2018: Goodbye to the Rustic and Hello to the Boho Folk and the Weddings in Enchanted Forest!
Enough of that rough rustic theme of the past years. The wedding trends 2018 mark a change towards a rustic wedding with vintage or boho details, perfect completions and an intense and taciturn color palette. This leads to two beautiful trends in 2018 wedding decoration: folk boho and enchanted forest weddings.

For a folk boho, imagine a wedding in the desert or on the beach set with deep and dark colors and majestic mountains as the background of your ceremony. A total dream, right?

The theme of enchanted forest or secret gardens entails a magical sensation as of fairy tales. Armate some vintage furniture in a nearby flea market and prepare a living in the forest. If this is your style, do not miss this article about enchanted forest wedding.

Magnificent combination of a transparent tent, twinkling lights and fabrics. Stuart Tent Events. #celebrations #carpas #bodas
Magnificent combination of a transparent tent, twinkling lights and fabrics. Stuart Tent Events.

Trends for Weddings 2018: The Marriage of the Vintage with the Modern Industrial for an Ultra Romantic Wedding
Of all the trends for weddings 2018 this is my favorite. It is one of those mixtures that seems that it will not work, but that is conjugated wonderfully.

To follow this trend of ultra romantic weddings begins with the place of it. Choose an industrial space, the more unique, the better. Museums, libraries, lofts, refurbished factories but still have those exposed pipes and bricks, concrete floors and incredible corners that invite the imagination. If you prefer something even more urban and with views of the city, choose a terrace that is the ultimate in 2018 weddings! 😉

We already have the industrial part of the wedding. Now to add the vintage touch to achieve the most ultra romantic wedding of all. There is no need to decorate every corner, think of corners and areas and let your personality shine. Your guests will enjoy each of them and make your wedding a unique and unrepeatable event.


The New in Weddings 2018: Integration of Nature to Wedding Decoration
The foliage continues in 2018 and the flowers are incorporated thanks to the ultra romantic vintage theme. Especially the floral arrangements and bridal bouquets in dark and taciturn colors almost like the colors of the jewels.

Unless you get married in the middle of nature, you will have to incorporate it into the classroom to follow this trend. Hanging rings with foliage and flowers, glass bells, cloche domes with moss and garlands on the table runners. Do you want to be inspired? Flick with these ideas of table paths!

More nature: we will see marble and copper on the dance floors, food stations with potted plants and even as ceremony funds.

Purple tones give depth to this vintage wedding in a garden. Photo: Rachel May. #WeddingIn