Dresscode for guest day

Dresscode for guest day and night, everything you need to know!

Being the perfect guest is easier than it seems if you look at a single detail: the time of the wedding. We tell you everything:

1. The time determines everything
Wedding day
– Time: the day wedding is the one normally celebrated from 12 in the morning.
Simple style: For this type of looks it is advisable to opt for simple dresses, calm without too many frills.
– Soft colors: the most suitable for day weddings is to opt for powdery, pastel or not too bright colors.
– Dresses: the suit you choose should be short, cocktail type, above, at the height of the knee or a tad below it.

In Asos you have a thousand options, as they say in the firm, “an event of this kind does not have to be serious”. They help you to avoid headaches. His young philosophy and without doctrines puts at your disposal a multitude of garments.

Oky Coky recommends you give a special touch to your look with ruffles, as they are the must of the season. And they clarify that “you can also bet on a delicate floral print in pastel tones, perfect for day ceremonies”.

Because although dresses are the most common option, they are not the only one. You can also use pants and jacket set, top and skirt or overalls. You have a thousand possibilities! This pastel lilac jumpsuit from Asos looks delicate and very flattering.

2. Night wedding
– Time: the afternoon wedding is the one normally celebrated at 5:30 p.m.
– Style: for this type of wedding you can opt for a more ornate suit where beads, ornaments, sequins, applications are included … Shine is allowed (always with harmony).
– Dresses: the general trend is to go long. In Asos they suggest the following: “In the weddings of night it tests with a maxi dress, a long monkey or metallic accessories”.

In Oky Coky, you are encouraged to use soft sequins with light tones and soft prints, in garments that are worth to us both day and night: “For the most special ceremonies, opt for the lurex, again in very spring tones, or for the lace. Without forgetting, of course, the overalls or pants for a comfortable and sophisticated look. The palazzo are another must of this season “.

3. Beware of accessories
– Headdresses: In the case of headdresses, the opposite happens with clothes, going from more to less. Remember this rule and you will always succeed. At weddings by day you can opt for a large size hat, hats or striking headdresses because they will be compensated with simpler dresses.

However, at night weddings it is preferable to opt for accessories that go unnoticed or to dispense with accessories in the head. You can wear a headdress but it has a small size as a discreet flower crown, a pin or a chain tiara.

– Jewelry: always look for a balance with all your clothes: simple dress = large jewelry; flashy dress = discrete jewelry.
– Shoes: always in tune with the look, try to be elegant and comfortable at the same time.
– Bags: the most suitable bags for these special occasions are the clutch, which although they are not the most practical in the world, the result with the final look is 10.

– Gloves: only allowed at winter weddings.
– Warm clothing: although generally, the common thing in spring and summer weddings is good weather, depending on the location, the weather can be a factor that can ruin the look.

It is always advisable to have a plan B and bring something warm, you can always choose a short jacket or a coat.

4. What are the trends for this year?
Roberto Verino gives us a brief review of the trends of his next collection that preserves the same values ​​as always, recreate the spirit of the 60s in the French and Italian Riviera with winks at 80. Where natural fabrics and floral prints provide that touch of freshness, simplicity and elegance, which characterized that important decade for twentieth-century fashion.

Write down the following: “They will wear straight dresses with ad hoc short jackets, asymmetric shoulders in patterned dresses at the knee