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wedding trends 2018 that you want to have in yours

In this post we are going to tell you what the 2018 trends are that we are going to bet hard on. So if you want to be an it bride and have a wedding that your guests never forget, you can not miss what we tell you today as say corporate venues barcelona

Not everything in a wedding is decoration; the music, the food, the atmosphere … everything adds up. The puzzle of an ideal wedding is made up of many small details.

Come with us to know the coolest thing that is coming for the wedding of 2018. LET’S START!

1. Metallized and glitter
The brilli brilli has us all crazy, we can not hide it anymore. The metallic and glitter are a trend in fashion, decoration, stationery … and of course, at weddings.

We have been using them for years because we love their effect and there are things like stamping in the wedding card, which this year more than trend, is almost a must.

Cobrizos and dorados have filled with sparkles the cutlery for your wedding, the crockery and glassware (edges in gold or copper), elements such as candle holders or the finishes of geometric pieces used to support flower centers; the metallic one takes a lot.

From the confetti to throw to the exit of the ceremony to the decoration of the cake or the table: the color gold in all its shades (yellow gold, rose gold, old gold …) combined with any color (because they all go well …) It may be the touch you need to make your wedding shine like no other.

And, on the other hand, a glitter touch can give you that fun and even sophisticated point you’re looking for in decorating your wedding.

Wedding Trends 2018Foto Visual Foto | See wedding # BDCAnayViçenc

Wedding Trends 2018Foto Paula G. Furió | See wedding #BDCClarayLuis

Wedding Trends 2018Foto Paula G. Furió | See wedding #BDCClarayLuis

Wedding trends 2018Photo Mónica Carrera | See wedding #BDCMartayGerard

Wedding Trends 2018Foto Diez Bordons | See wedding #BDCLucieyQuentin

Wedding trends 2018Photo Raquel Benito | See wedding #BDCBelenyCristian

2. Hanging decoration elements
This is another trend in deco that also sweeps this 2018 and that has us crazy!

The floral decoration suspended from the ceiling produces a BRUTAL effect, you can not imagine the hallucinating faces of the guests when entering a room where green and flowers fall from the whole ceiling, we have done it in several weddings and the result is always WOW!

They are complex and very laborious floral works, but really the effect is incredible. And if you also accompany it with small spheres with candles, it will be a total story!

If you still do not dare with something like that you can make a nod to this decoration trend suspended from the ceiling with these ideas:

Use a phrase that is special for you suspended as a background on a swing behind your table (as we did at the wedding of Cris and Sergio in Ibiza)
Play with suspended light bulbs, which is another success guaranteed and the effect they create is ideal, as at Maria and Pancho’s wedding in Santander, where we filled the entire dinner space with Edison type bulbs hanging on the dinner tables.

3. Unique spaces
We have been saying it since we started designing weddings in 2009, we have always been great advocates that any place can become an incredible venue so … Say goodbye to conventional spaces if they do not fit with what you are looking for!

The latest trend is to get married in places that are not ad hoc for a wedding; It can be a forest, a cliff, in front of the oldest fountain in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, ​​in an alley in Madrid, on the pier of a yacht club, in an abandoned factory, in a small cove and that the guests arrive by boat and the boyfriends in zodiac …

All these spaces are examples of places where we have done weddings, so nobody says that you can not! Because it can!

The unique spaces are one of the biggest TRENDS in weddings this 2018. In addition, these spaces allow us to design everything from scratch, they are a blank canvas where nothing that has been done before in that place limits us. So you know, imagination to power and … sure your wedding will be unique!