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Wedding outdoors
The classic weddings in churches or courts are losing more and more land in front of outdoor weddings. More and more couples who decide to make their most special day celebrate it in beautiful and original spaces.

Gardens, beaches, mountains, forests, lakes, huts … Surely near your city you will find the ideal place to organize the wedding of your dreams. The original places that surprise the guests are getting more and more.

Remember that you must have a special permit to marry outdoors. If the place is not private (that is, they are not private gardens dedicated to the celebration of weddings), contact the town hall of the population to which the beach belongs, mount … to know what are the procedures to follow.

wedding tendencies a say corporate venues barcelona

Candybar for big and small
One of the trends that began in 2016 and has been consolidated in 2018 is the installation of a candybar for all the guests. This consists of a counter filled with sweets, candies, jelly beans, chocolates …

Candybar is usually installed after the invitation for both children and adults. This detail will give an original touch to your wedding, and there are also a variety of original, beautiful and fun designs.

wedding tendencies for 2017

Flower hanging centers
The flowers continue to be the star element in the decoration of a wedding, but its hanging version is the one that has most triumphed in what we have taken from 2018.

The hanging flower centers are an original way to decorate your wedding with flowers, using the flowers of the time but applying a more innovative concept.

wedding tendencies for 2017

Digital invitations
The custom of sending the classic invitations on paper is leaving more and more behind. To save costs, digital invitations are gaining ground to the traditional ones. These are free, and can be customized to the fullest and send to anyone who has an email.

There are many platforms to design and print your own wedding invitations. One of the most famous is Canva, with a very intuitive and simple design.

wedding tendencies for 2017

Back to the air
The most sought after dresses we have been doing in the year have been those who leave their back in the air. These give off sensuality without losing elegance, and are causing rage in all 2018 brides.

You can get them in various colors, shapes, sizes and prices. So do not hesitate to show your back to the world!

Do you want a dress designed exclusively for you?

wedding tendencies for 2017
Braided hair
The braids are the star hairstyle of the 2018 wedding season. Both hair loose and picked up, this hairstyle will give you a bohemian and yet elegant look.

Braided hair is very supportive with all kinds of dresses, makeup and faces. Take care of the strict and classic picks and bets on a much more modern and youthful comb.

Do you want the best hairstyle for your big day?

wedding tendencies for 2017

Drink cocktail before the ceremony
Before the ceremony, install a cold drink bar or counter for your guests. When you arrive, you can use the drink they prefer to entertain the time that goes by until the beginning of the ceremony.

This practice is becoming more common at weddings, and it is a gesture that attendees will greatly appreciate.

Are you looking for the best professionals for your bridal cocktail?

wedding tendencies for 2017

Original decoration
In addition to the mentioned hanging flowers, the decoration and customization options for a wedding are endless. Many people bet today for a more original decoration, making their great day even more special.

You can inspire yourself in social networks like Pintesrest, in which hundreds of images on bridal decoration are shared every day. You can choose bright colors mixed with more classic colors, themed weddings, fun details …

wedding tendencies for 2017

Catering with personality and fun
You do not hire a typical and no personality catering and you can opt for an original and fun one. You can set food and drink themed posts, order original dishes … Surprise your guests before the invitation with fun dishes.

During the wedding banquet you can also leave aside the typical dishes of meat and fish and choose an original menu that will let you all your guests.
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