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The Latest in Weddings 2018

The Latest in Weddings 2018 Trends, Colors and Decoration of Madness!   If you get married next year, you can not stop seeing the latest in 2018 weddings. This year brings us trends, decoration and colors that are crazy. Enjoy them! Do you want to know about the latest wedding 2018? We bring you a […]

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Do not you know what the civil ceremony consists of or what parts it is composed of? What characterizes mainly this type of ceremony is that they are less formal than religious, which does not mean that the bride can wear a mermaid wedding dress if she so wishes or choose a traditional bridal bouquet […]

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wedding venues barcelona Wedding outdoors The classic weddings in churches or courts are losing more and more land in front of outdoor weddings. More and more couples who decide to make their most special day celebrate it in beautiful and original spaces. Gardens, beaches, mountains, forests, lakes, huts … Surely near your city you will […]

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  – Stained lights with light bulbs in sight. It is undoubtedly the trend that has grown more in recent seasons. The lights have always created magical environments but now the little flashes have given way to genuine light bulbs that are visible and that give this touch of tendency. The photos are also spectacular […]

Dresscode for guest day

Dresscode for guest day and night, everything you need to know! Being the perfect guest is easier than it seems if you look at a single detail: the time of the wedding. We tell you everything: 1. The time determines everything Wedding day – Time: the day wedding is the one normally celebrated from 12 […]

Trendind wedding 2018

At the end of January, the first month of the year is over, where you can see what the wedding trends will be for the rest of 2018. In this sense, although there are timeless aspects of any wedding that never go out of fashion, they are many that will be abandoned while recovering others […]

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wedding trends 2018 that you want to have in yours In this post we are going to tell you what the 2018 trends are that we are going to bet hard on. So if you want to be an it bride and have a wedding that your guests never forget, you can not miss what […]