Ask for free days for the wedding? 6 ways to negotiate

Ask for free days for the wedding? 6 ways to negotiate

How diplomatic are they? Do you know the ways to negotiate your days off for the wedding? Prepare to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, will you use them for your preparations or for your magical honeymoon? Let’s rest has been said!
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Both for the preparations and for resting after the wedding, a vacation never falls ill. Search for wedding invitations, choose the menu, learn how to make centerpieces for wedding, decorate the new home or enjoy the honeymoon with a party dress or an elegant shirt, are just some of the things in which They will be able to take advantage of their holidays. Learn the best techniques to request a wedding vacation and recharge your energies to be 100 after the big day.

Wedding vacations: what does the law say?
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The vacations and social benefits are subjects that can generate many doubts. As established by Mexican law, companies are not required to grant their workers vacation permits by marriage. However, some companies and employers grant days off in consideration of these events. These provisions may appear in contracts, or may be an unofficial benefit. In some cases, the subject of the wedding and days off for family events can be negotiated before hiring.

1. Exploit your negotiating weapons
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When applying for your holidays, do not forget that courtesy and diplomacy may be the best tactics. Inform yourself about the hierarchies of your work: in some cases it is necessary to make these requests to the Human Resources department, while in others you must talk to your immediate superior.

If your work has very strict schedules, request the days before choosing the date of your wedding and book services and products: it is better to have flexibility. Take into account that high seasons are very useful: everyone wants to spend holiday periods at home! Therefore, they must request their days with sufficient anticipation.

They should be informed about the processes of internal communication: if they have been working for a short time, or if they want to have a formal communication, it may be more appropriate to request their rest days in writing.

2. Exchanging the annual vacation
Running out of vacation for the rest of the year may sound drastic, but it will definitely be worth it. If you exchange holidays all year round for your wedding holidays, perhaps you can ask for more than a few days: it would be nice to take a couple of weeks to send the original wedding invitations, celebrate the wedding, and enjoy the honeymoon . You may even find time to decorate your home and accommodate all the useful wedding souvenirs left over.

In addition, this measure can be the most effective if you already have some services reserved and do not want, or can not, change the dates.

3. To increase those numbers
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There are some jobs that do not depend directly on individual productivity, but on joint effort. If this is your case, do your best to increase your activity: propose long-term projects, meet in advance the goals programmed for the period in which you are going to request vacations, look for team collaboration to cover your absence.

If this is not your case, do not immediately dismiss this option: proposing projects and participating in the activities of your work can guarantee greater consideration when you make your request. Also, they will make a good impression before the wedding!

4. Request free days without pay
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In some cases, this will be the most viable solution to guarantee your rest days. If you opt for this means, remember to save before the wedding. In the articles you will find many suggestions to save on your celebration without losing the style: you can choose flowers for wedding and other products from the station, or serve a simple menu. Check the provisions of your insurance or afore: some institutions offer loan facilities or withdrawals to cover your wedding more comfortably.

5. Replenish your days off
For this, they should review the provisions of their workplace: they could offer to take their holidays in exchange for working on holidays or staying overtime for a season. Although not all companies allow this measure, it can be a good starting point for their negotiations.

Another option may be to exchange your bonuses or supplements for days off. Not all companies have these benefits, and there are also cases in which these exchanges are not allowed. But, if your workplace allows it, do not miss the opportunity: they will have their holidays and their benefits will not be seen

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