We live surrounded by tools that inspire us: applications, magazines, websites, spaces, … I think that today the most difficult part when designing your wedding decoration is deciding which style to choose and what ideas to bring out and what to discard. Not all ideas fit all weddings or all couples. That’s why I want to give you 5 tips to design your wedding decoration and I’m sure they will help you not to lose yourself among the thousand options that exist.

1. The space of the wedding

One of the most determining factors when designing your wedding decoration is the space where this is celebrated. It is not the same to get married in a farmhouse than to get married on the beach, and it is most likely that the same space is decorated according to its environment. Therefore, the decoration that you design should also respect that style. This does not mean that your options are limited because within each style there are a thousand variations and you can choose the one that goes with you the most. But the ideal is that you start from the “base” that supposes the space and its surroundings and design a decoration according to it.

2. The date of the wedding

As with space, the date also determines the type of decoration. A wedding celebrated in the middle of winter is not the same as one celebrated in the summer sun. Ideally, the elements of the decoration are related to the season of the year in which the wedding is celebrated. For example, at a winter wedding you could use yarns and wools that are very winter materials and you could give a thousand and one utilities: to make table numbers, a woolen weave holder like the one I made a while ago, gifts for your guests, etc.

3. Personality or own likes

The most important factor to keep in mind is this without a doubt. Wherever your wedding is and whatever the date the decoration of this should go according to your personality. If you have any anecdote or detail with which you have characteristics, you can use it as a common thread. If you do not have anything that you can use as a main theme it does not matter either, just make the details match your personality. It is better to design a simple decoration if you are like that and not an ostentatious simply because someone has told you that the more things there will be more beautiful. Do not make decisions based on the decoration of other weddings you’ve been in unless you liked it a lot. Do not complicate and design the little things that you like only so it will be a success.

4. The budget for decoration

Although nobody likes to talk about money is a crucial factor when designing the wedding decoration and you do not have to be afraid putting a limit is more or less high. I recommend that before you start thinking about ideas and buying things, decide how much money you want to allocate to this aspect of the wedding. Once you have decided you can start thinking how to distribute that amount and you will not run the risk of getting out of hand or spending a lot of money on one aspect and not have more for other details that you had in mind.

5 tips to design your wedding decoration

5. The type of wedding

Keep in mind the number of guests that will be at your wedding, whether it is going to be a civil or religious celebration, whether it will be day or night, whether it will be a cocktail or it will be sitting, etc. They are factors that also influence when deciding on one type of decoration or another.

With these 5 tips to design the decoration of your wedding you will not have to lose sight of the style of your wedding and you can make the most of the resources you have. You can start looking for the best ideas around party decoration on our blog!

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